ESPR Conference


The European Society for Philosophy of Religion


Philosophy of Religion in a Pluralistic World


Charles University, Prague: 28-31 August 2018




Few parts of the inhabited world are unaffected by religious diversity. This has often been regarded as a philosophically, sociologically, and politically challenging fact, rather than as something to be celebrated. Within the philosophy of religion, in particular, religious diversity has typically been regarded as standing in need of a theoretical explanation that will defuse the challenge it seems to present to prevailing belief systems. This conference invites exploration of philosophical responses to religious diversity, and investigation of the epistemological, metaphysical, and socio-political questions that it raises.

Sub-theme 1: Philosophical Responses to Religious Diversity

Sub-theme 2: Epistemological Challenges of Religious Diversity

Sub-theme 3: The Metaphysics of Religious Diversity

Sub-theme 4: The Socio-theoretic Implications of Religious Diversity




Scott Appleby (University of Notre Dame)

Mikel Burley (University of Leeds)

Tomáš Halík (Charles University, Prague)

Victoria Harrison (University of Macau)

Roger Pouivet (Universite de Lorraine)

Alister E. McGrath (University of Oxford)

Marianne Moyaert (VU University Amsterdam)

Ivana Noble (Charles University, Prague)

Christian Polke (University of Goettingen)

Mikael Stenmark (University of Uppsala)

Philipp Stoellger (University of Heidelberg)


Since the process of selection of the short papers which will be presented at the conference has been concluded (with more than 80 papers selected for presentation in 5 parallel sessions), now those willing to participate in the conference without presenting a paper may register by submitting a request via email to and making the payment of the conference fee (60 EUR) following the payment instruction below.

Deadline for registration of Non-Presenting Participants is August 15th 2018



Online Payment by Debit/Credit Card – go to:


Payment by Bank Transfer:


  • Conference CODE: 850111
  • NAME and SURNAME of the participant

The payment of 60 EUR is to be made to the following EURO account:

IBAN: CZ03 0100 0000 0030 7055 0247


Name: Univerzita Karlova – Filozoficka fakulta

Street: namesti Jana Palacha 2

City, postcode: Praha, 116 38

Country: Czech Republic


The organiser of the conference
Dr. Janusz Salamon (



Tuesday 28 August


12.00-14.00 Registration (Charles University, campus Jinonice, outside metro JINONICE)

14.00-14.15 Conference opening (Aula)
Chair: Janusz Salamon (Charles University)

14.15-16.15 Keynote panel (Aula)
Chair: Jakub Jirsa (Director, Department of Philosophy, Charles University)

Tomas Halik (Charles University)
Alistair McGrath (University of Oxford)
Scott Appleby (University of Notre Dame)

16.15-16.45 Coffee

16.45-19.00 Short Papers Session 1

Andrea Aguti, Jason Alvis, T Ryan Byerly, Petr Dvořák, Marcin Iwanicki, Ivo Frankenreiter, Georg Gasser, Hans-Peter Grosshans, Piotr Gutowski, Kirill Karpov, Svetlana Konacheva, Andrea Loffi, Marius Timmann Mjaaland, Oli-Pekka Vainio, Sami Pihlström, Christopher Insole, Vladimir Shokhin, Sergio Sorrentino, N. Verbin, Jacek Wojtysiak

19.00 Conference dinner


Wednesday 29 August


9.00-10.30 Plenary Session 1: Philosophical Responses to Religious Diversity (Aula)
Chair: Hans-Peter Grosshans (University of Muenster)

Victoria Harrison (University of Macau)
Philipp Stoellger (University of Heidelberg)

10.30-11.00 Coffee

11.00-13.15 Short Papers Session 2

German Bokov, Thomas Donald Caroll, Roberto Di Ceglie, Błażej Gębura, Damiano Biondi, Jiří Hoblik, Anna Honnacker, Krzysztof Kędziora, Hermen Kroesbergen, Jose Maria Mira de Oduna Gil, Ulrik Nissen, Burkhard Nonnenmacher, Julian Perlmutter, Alexey Rakhmanin, Janusz Salamon, Ignacio Sanchez Camara, Jon Stewart, Jeff Shawn, Pierluigi Valenza, Markus Wirtz

Lunch at your own convenience

14.45–16.15 Plenary Session 2: Epistemological Challenges of Religious Diversity (Aula)
Chair: Ulf Zackariasson (University of Uppsala)

Mikael Stenmark (University of Uppsala)
Roger Pouivet (Universite de Lorraine)

16.15-16.45 Coffee

16.45-17.45 Meetings of regional societies for philosophy of religion

Germany & Austria (Conf. Room 1), UK/Ireland (Conf. Room 2),  Benelux (Conf. Room 3), Southern Europe (Conf. Room 4), East and Central Europe (Aula)

17.45-19.00 General Assembly of the European Society for Philosophy of Religion (Aula)

Chair: Janusz Salamon (President of ESPR)

Thursday 30 August


9.00-10.30 Plenary Session 3: The Metaphysics of Religious Diversity (Aula)
Chair: Victoria Harrison (University of Macau)

Mikel Burley (University of Leeds)
Christian Polke (University of Goettingen)

10.30-11.00 Coffee

11.00-13.15 Short Papers Session 3

Carlo Cogliati, Bosco Corrales, Yiftach Fehige, Yulia Gorbatova, Victor Gorbatov, Elisa Grimi, Jan-Olav Henriksen, Jacob Hesse, Sander Klaase, Timo Koistinen, Dariusz Łukasiewicz, Stanisław Obirek, Ana Petrache, Anna Piazza, Shoshana Ronen, Michael Roseneck, Stefano Santasilia, Georg Sauerwein, Assaf Sharon, Li Teng

Lunch at your own convenience

14.45–16.15 Session 4: The Socio-theoretic Implications of Religious Diversity (Aula)
Chair: Peter Jonkers (Tilburg University)

Marianne Moyaert (VU University Amsterdam)
Ivana Noble (Charles University)

16.15-16.45 Coffee

16.45-19.00 Short Papers Session 4

Marta Albert, Francesco Angelone, Omar Brino, Giovanna Costanzo, Sebastian Gab, Igor Gasparov, Dirk-Martin Grube, Leland Harper, Miłosz Hołda, Peter Jonkers, Oliver Li, Damiano Migliorini, Benjamin Murphy, Tony Pacyna, Marek Pepliński, Boris Raehme, Renee van Riessen, Valeriia Sleptsova, Ake Wahlberg, David Worsley, Kevin Schillbrack

Friday 31 August




YOUR QUESTIONS regarding all matters related to the conference may be directed to:


The conference was supported by the European Regional Development Fund-Project “Creativity and Adaptability as Conditions of the Success of Europe in an Interrelated World” (No. CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16_019/0000734)

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