Thinking after after Auschwitz

WHEN: Friday 25 November 2022 at 11.00 a.m.
WHERE: Faculty of Arts, UK, Jana Palacha 2, Prague, room 217.

Emmanuel Falque, Thinking after after Auschwitz

The lecture on “thinking after Auschwitz” in the light of the thought of Paul Ricouer and Emmanuel Lévinas will focus on the issue of evil in the world. Is it possible to think after Auschwitz as we did before it? How to grasp the reality of evil?

Organised in collaboration with Dominican 8.

The lecture and subsequent discussion will be held in English.

Emmanuel Falque is a French philosopher and theologian. He focuses on questions of human finitude, referring in particular to the French phenomenology of Michel Henry, Maurice Merleau-Ponty and Jean-Luc Marion, as well as Jan Patočka. He works at the Philosophy Faculty of the Institut catholique in Paris.

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